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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fertility4Me do with my data?

Fertility4Me uses Formstack as our survey tool.  While Fertility4Me is not a covered entity, Fertility4Me has signed up for Formstack's HIPAA compliant tool, which encrypts data.  Please see our Privacy Policy for details.  

Once we receive a sufficient amount of data, we will create charts and graphs that visually depict the information we receive.  Name and other identifiable information will not be shared without your permission.  

How do you determine what surveys to create?

We are constantly assessing topics for which to create surveys and how best to optimize the surveys.  If you have topic suggestions, feel free to share.  We are always open to suggestions.  Email us at info@fertility4me.com.

How do I access product discounts?

Once you complete the survey, you will have the option to select the product of your choice and will be provided a discount code to redeem upon purchase.

How do you determine who your partners are?

We curate products we believe women would be interested in and provide benefit.  We are constantly speaking to potential partners and are open to your suggestions.  Feel free to send us a partner suggestion at partners@fertility4me.com.

How can my organization partner with Fertility4Me?

We'd welcome a conversation!  Please email us at partners@fertility4me.com.